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Stereo Mastering

Stereo Mastering is our standard service and appropriate for most projects.
Artist single & album mastering from any format (¼”, ½”, 1630, DAT, CD or data files – at any sample rate)

Peak Hour Mastering charges flat rates by the hour. Please see the price list for pricing.

Masters can be provided as individual WAVS or as Red Book CD Masters on either CD, or DVD.
Final Masters will be delivered to clients within 1-3 business days.

Mastered for iTunes

We are fully accredited with Apple and officially recognized as an approved supplier for their “Mastered for iTunes” initiative.


Stem Mixing & Mastering

Peak Hour Mastering provides an innovative and creative approach to the stem mixing service. On top of standard mix and mastering service, we will help you get the most potential out of your mix. We do much more than simply balancing the levels and EQ’ing each individual stem. Our goal is to help our clients & artists. We are not against replacing sounds if we believe we can find a more appropriate one, for example: replacing a kick drum. Peak Hour Mastering will do whatever it takes to maximize the potential of your mix.

Speaking with our clients to get a clear vision of their goal is very important to us. We encourage a dialogue with us, so that they can help us to help them. During the stem mastering process each group of instruments are balanced, and imperfections are removed. After this the stems are mixed together and the final song is mastered. Vast improvements to the mix can be achieved with an hour or so of studio time. 6 stems maximum.

Additionally if budget allows, we can go into much more detail and offer what is a more in depth view to a full mix down service. A typical stem mix can take anywhere between 1 – 2 hours depending on the number of stems, the quality of the initial mix and whether any additional production is required (swapping out drum sounds / re-editing sections / adding additional sound effects etc.)

All stem work is charged by the hour. Please contact Bill for further details

Radio show / Podcast / DJ Mix

Peak Hour Mastering can master your pre-existing Radio show / Podcast /DJ mix and provide mastered .WAV files or fully PQ’d CD Masters on CD or DVD. Peak Hour Mastering can provide high quality mixes for radio or retail quality engineered by some of the best in the industry. Rates for this service are charged by the hour.

Full Production / Ghost Production

In todays times, Peak Hour Mastering understands the time constraints of traveling artists, as well as the needs of clients who need additional help to translate their vision into a reality. Once a deposit is received, let us know which track or specific style you want us to follow, and we’ll produce your original track, then send you a preview clip during the process. We’ll then edit the track based on your inputs. Final payment is due upon completion. We are committed to ensure that we respect and protect our customers’ privacy.
Please contact Bill for further details

Re-mastering / Transfer work

Do you have music on old formats? Peak Hour Mastering offers a high resolution transfer service from analog sources & re-mastering to current industry standards.